Car Protection Texas Weather Conditions

Why buy a carport in Texas? Well, there can be a lot of reasons.

Maybe your garage is full of something other than your car, maybe you have more cars than you have garage space, maybe you just don’t want to keep a machine which runs on highly volatile and explosive fuel, parked in, what is in effect, another room of your home! Some home garages have become spare bedrooms, and some are game rooms, or workshops, and that can lead to leaving your poor car or truck out in the unforgiving and hostile environment which is Texas weather!

What is the best reason to buy a carport? That would be car protection!

Car protection

The number one reason for buying a carport or garage in Texas is car protection from Texas weather. Weather conditions over such a large area vary considerably, but one thing is consistent: The summer is always hot. Having a nice shady spot to park improves conditions for your vehicle, and for you.


Have you ever opened your car door on a hot summer day to find it so hot that the heat waves took away your breath? Have you ever had burn marks on the back of your legs from sitting down in such a vehicle? Have you ever found your steering wheel so hot that it that it reminded you of touching the handle on an overheated iron skillet?

The reality is that the heat in such a vehicle is not good for you, or your car. It can be nauseating, and even dangerous in some cases, it is destroying the interior of your vehicle, and it is not necessary! You may be forced to park outdoors at your place of work, but you don’t have to do it at home.

Other weather conditions

In the northern and eastern portions of the state, weather conditions vary considerably, almost moment to moment. We have a saying here: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute!” The day may start off clear and mild, turn hot and humid with temperatures exceeding the century mark, to be followed by an afternoon of hail and damaging winds, and a night of torrential rains.

Golf ball sized hail can cause a lot of damage to the fine finish on your vehicle, and having a place to keep it covered is your best form of car protection, and your best insurance against increasing deductibles, and increasing insurance rates.

The solution

A lot of people have garages built onto their homes, but in most cases they are not used for parking, they are used for storage. The answer is not to pack up all the things stored in the garage and haul them to a place that makes you pay rent. The answer is to buy a well built, but inexpensive carport. We can tell you how, and give you recommendations on the best places to buy carports at the most affordable prices!