Carport Combo

If you need a carport, and a utility building or storage shed, there is a common product that can help you to meet both needs. Most Texas carport dealers have a product which is commonly known to them as a carport combo.

What is a carport combo?

Carport Combo’s are basic carport structures with one end enclosed. The end wall is added and another wall constructed parallel to the end and several feet away. To this is added a door, most often a roll up garage type door. This combination is very effective for both car protection, and storage or shop use.

Carport combo’s additional cost

    Carport Combo
  • The addition of the utility structure will raise the cost, but the price will normally still come in lower than purchasing the two separately.
  • The carport may need to be taller than the base model to accommodate the addition of a garage door, but the extra leg length will not be too expensive.
  • The construction of the end walls will probably be the most expensive part of the addition.

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